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There’s physical therapy for pretty much anything...

As I’ve mentioned in my previous blog posts, I’ve been a physical therapist for ten years. The one thing that still shocks me is how little people know about what physical therapists actually do. I’m always shocked when someone tells me they don’t think PT can help them because they haven’t “broken anything” or had any kind of trauma or injury. Don’t get me wrong, physical therapy is certainly beneficial in those situations. What most people don’t realize is that physical therapy can help with almost any ache or pain you’re having!

One in four adults report suffering a day-long bout of pain within the past month. One in ten adults report pain lasting longer than a year. Those numbers are astronomical! Among those complaints, low back pain, headaches and migraines and general joint stiffness and achiness were among the most common. Physical therapy can help with all of those things! There are so many studies that support early PT for people with lower back pain leading to less long term effects, less likelihood of requiring further treatment and less money spent overall dealing with the back pain. Yet, it seems people still aren’t thinking to call their physical therapist first.

So, if you’re reading this, I’m guessing you have some experience with physical therapy. I’m asking you to share your experiences with those you love. Let them know that physical therapy can help with their pain; without needing addictive medication, costly imaging and unnecessary surgery. Our number one priority is helping people to feel better, move better and live their best life.

I recently had a chance to help educate a group of people involved with essential oils on the benefits of physical therapy. Check out the video via the link below :)

Dr. Kim Strong talking about how physical therapy can help you!

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