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  • Dr. Erik Nassif PT, Cert. MDT

Telehealth at Fitness Forum Physical Therapy

I am sure you have heard the terms telehealth or telemedicine in the news or advertised by medical specialists. This is especially true since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. The question is what is it, how does it work and can physical therapy visits via telehealth be effective for my treatment?

First, telehealth is the method of delivering medical care remotely, usually through the internet between a healthcare provider and the patient. This allows patients to receive much needed medical care at their convenience in their home. Also, telehealth is covered by insurance!

Telehealth works through a secure connection between the medical provider and patient. At Fitness Forum, we use a secure portal in which to communicate. The platform requires the therapist to log-in and then send a secure message through email or text message, whichever the patient prefers. The patient receives the message, simply clicks on the link, types his or her name and is then in direct contact with the therapist. The patient and therapist can both see and hear each other. This can be done on a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Telehealth visits with Fitness Forum are effective due to the face to face interaction. The therapist can see the patient’s movements, instruct them on form and progression of treatments and answer questions and/or concerns. This gives the patient immediate feedback by the therapist in real time. Telehealth visits through Fitness Forum gives patients another way to receive care that is safe, effective and cost-efficient. All physical therapists at Fitness Forum have used telehealth to treat patients through this challenging time so that no patient goes through pain and limited function alone.

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