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  • Dr. Justin Murray, PT, Cert. MDT

One quick trick to reduce your low back pain

When asked during an interview what would be one thing that would benefit THE MOST people who suffer from low back pain, Robin McKenzie answered without hesitation.

“The one thing that would benefit the most people in one hit would be correction of their sitting posture.”

Robin McKenzie is the founder of the McKenzie method, or MDT, and is one of the most prominent clinicians and researchers in spine treatment worldwide.

In a world full of a complex treatment approaches geared towards “fixing” or helping people who suffer from low back pain, his response came as a surprise to many. Can something so simple actually make a difference?

Several studies agree that the answer is YES. More specifically, studies show that when we restore the normal lumbar lordosis in the seated position (the inward curve in your low back-see photo sequence in attached document), immediate improvement in patients occurs about 70% of the time. I have treated people with low back pain for almost 15 years, and in my clinical experience postural correction does often provide immediate reduction in patients’ complaints of back and/or leg pain.

Now, this is often just a piece of the puzzle, and other interventions are likely needed in order to abolish your back pain altogether. My advice is always to seek consultation with an MDT certified clinician if you are suffering from back pain.

If you are suffering from lumbar pain, try correcting your posture and maintaining it the best you can throughout the day. This should give you some immediate relief.

Dr. Justin Murray, PT, Cert. MDT

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