• Dr. Marissa Rocci-Armstrong PT, OCS

Summer Travel Tips

The summer season often allows opportunities to spend time away from home with family and friends. Below are tips for getting to your destination while limiting the pain that is often associated with longer periods of travel.

  1. Pack appropriately. Try not to make suitcases heavier than you need. Lugging around heavy luggage can increase back, neck, and shoulder pain.

  2. If traveling for longer periods of time, try a neck pillow. These structured pillows are small enough to bring with you and help to keep your neck in better alignment while resting in vehicle, train, or plane.

  3. Take frequent breaks while driving. Allowing your body to get up and move will reduce stiffness and allow your body to change positions.

  4. Keep hydrated. Often, we limited liquid intake to avoid frequent rest stops, but staying hydrated will allow for less fatigue and improved over all feeling of health.

  5. When you reach your destination…get moving! Enjoy activities such as walking, swimming, and golfing with friends.

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