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  • Dr. Marissa Rocci-Armstrong PT, OCS

Tips for Outside Exercise

As the snow begins to melt and the nicer weather returns in Central New York many will decide it is time to get outside and exercise after being in the house all winter. Here are some tips for new walkers and runners.

1. Start slow – Since we have been inside and possibly more sedentary, it is important to recognize that you may need to ease back into physical activity. Whether walking or running, start with a short distance and a manageable pace to see how you respond. Increase your pace and distance as your tolerance increases.

2. Recovery Time- especially for new joggers, give yourself time to recover. In the beginning you are at a higher risk for injury if you do too much too quickly.

3. Invest in good gear- Buying quality sneakers and athletic wear can be a game changer. Especially with sneakers, investing in a good pair can ward off unnecessary injury.

4. Listen to your body- There is no shame in taking breaks when needed!

5. Set goals- Goals can help you stay accountable and motivated.

6. Try new routes- walking or running the same route can get boring. Try changing the scenery for a boost of motivation.

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