"Professional, motivating, knowledgeable and personable"


Paul, Patient

"I was involved in a car accident and suffered multiple injuries. I have seen great improvement in my well being thanks to the professional instruction and treatment I received from Dr. Erik Nassif, PT and Dr. Justin Murray, PT at Fitness Forum Physical Therapy in Rome. If you follow their instruction and advice, you will see an improvement as well."

Larry Riolo, Former Patient and Now Friend

"Professional, motivating, knowledgeable and personable", that's how I describe the Fitness Forum team. From the office, to the physical therapist, they literally got my feet back on the ground! I am so thankful for Erik and Justin's help and direction after my bilateral total knee replacements. No longer do I agonize walking distances and standing for long periods of time, it's been life changing." 

Michael Hulihan, Patient

"Kim has been my therapist for a number of different injuries over the past years. From her initial contact and throughout my treatment I have always found her to be caring, knowledgeable and motivating. I can't say enough good things about her care and I would highly recommend her."

Former Patient

"I believed I could recover; I am so glad you believed that too. I have so much joy over what I can do, and I am working to be able to do more.


It's nice to know you are there if I need you. I am very grateful for all you have done." 

Joyce P, Patient

"I had bilateral knee replacements and after being discharged from the therapy at the hospital, I scheduled my first therapy appointment at Fitness Forum Physical Therapy. I attended therapy 3 days a week for 2 hour sessions. When I started I was using a walker. They moved me to a cane very quickly and then I was walking without a walker or a cane. I am now driving and will be returning to work. All of the therapists took time to explain and show me the exercises. I am joining Fitness Forum Physical Therapy as a fitness member to continue my exercise regiment and work on my range of motion. I believe the service was great!"

Former Patient

"I woke up the other morning only to feel like the ‘Big One’ hit me. I tried to stand up but the room was spinning so quickly, I sat back down on the edge of the bed. Describing the feeling to my significant other, was enough for her to realize that I was suffering from BPPV - Benign positional paroxysmal vertigo.

After doing a little research we felt it best to contact a physical therapist instead of getting stuck in the doctor office cycle at my primary care. One call to Fitness Forum got me connected to Kim Strong who is well aware of the condition and the maneuver to help correct the problem. It only required two visits and I am good to go. In addition to treating me she also carefully explained what exactly the procedure accomplished and was kind enough to even write out the instructions for me to attempt it home should I need a tuneup down the road. Her careful consideration to detail and her willingness to share her knowledge was refreshing to say the least. I would highly recommend Kim for any PT that you may need."

Elise Bennett, Patient

"Fitness Forum provides a comfortable and safe environment to exercise and rehabilitate. The entire staff is friendly and professional. The PT doctors are very knowledgeable and experienced and provide great personal instruction. PT assistants are also available and provide help with equipment and instruction.


At present, I'm a member in the independent program. This has allowed me to stay and exercise on my own while having access to the PT doctors and staff, should I need them. Since I have physical limitations related to past surgery and fibromyalgia, it has been invaluable for me to continue strengthening safely under their guidance. Migrating to a gym member, I realized that there is a more therapeutic range of equipment available here than at your typical gym. I have referred several family members to Fitness Forum. I would definitely recommend Fitness Forum!" 

RK, Patient

"Several times over the past four years, I have entrusted the care of a disc injury located in the lumbar area with nerve involvement to the capable hands of Erik Nassif and, on occasion, Justin Murray at Fitness Forum's Rome office. Both Erik and Justin are consummate professionals. Their knowledge of the spine, the McKenzie Method of treatment and their ability to offer expert instruction, both at the facility and for a home exercise program, have brought me back to nearly 100%. I believe that my overall health, body strength and pain free lifestyle is the result of the treatment and assistance I received. I now enjoy an active, normal life and am a regular as a gym member. I have and will continue to recommend Fitness Forum Physical Therapy to my family, friends and acquaintances." 

Bonnie C, Patient

"I have been a patient at Fitness Forum for various issues over the past few years. I’ve been successfully treated for a labrum tear, tendonitis, and scoliosis. Without sounding dramatic, Fitness Forum has changed my life. They have given me back my full mobility and, as an active senior, that means the world to me. I call Erik before I call my doctor. He gives me a full evaluation and recovery plan. I’ve had 100% satisfaction. The facility is clean, upbeat, and progressive. Highly recommend!"

Rosanne R, Patient

"Climbing the summit of Kilimanjaro meant more to me than just checking off a box on a bucket list -- hiking and climbing are passions of mine. When I learned I had to have complex surgery to rebuild my foot, I was determined I would hike, climb mountains, and cycle long distances again. That is why I knew my physical therapy and rehabilitation had to be with Erik Nassif, DPT of Fitness Forum.


Erik designed a therapy plan specific to my health goals and lifestyle. After 2 ½ months I am back biking 35 miles at a time and planning my next challenge -- walking the Camino de Santiago. 


Thanks Erik and Jen for your expertise, motivation, and personal attention."

Shirley T, Patient

"After receiving the diagnosis of a herniated disc in the lumbar area of my back, I was anxious and worried about how my recovery would happen.


I contacted Fitness Forum and was scheduled an appointment for physical therapy immediately. I began working with Erik and he reassured me I would be able to resume running in a short time. 


Erik answered my many questions in detail which allowed me to understand the injury and what I needed to do to heal.


After a month, I was back to running! The staff at Fitness Forum was very helpful and always welcoming. I am so happy I chose Fitness Forum, and I would recommend going here if anyone would need therapy."

Paul G, Patient

"Dr. Erik Nassif at Fitness Forum has been treating me through Telehealth. It has been greatly helpful, completely thorough, and easy access. I would highly recommend Dr. Nassif and Telehealth to anyone."